Let's Talk Strategy

Standard Price:  $500 for a 2 hour strategy session including pre-work and post email follow up

    In just a couple of focused power hours, you'll have clarity on your strategy and bust through those barriers.

    Covid Special #1 ---> Action Takers

    $350 for TWO 1 hour sessions over a 14 day period
    Voxer access for those 14 days

    Access Lori's "one pager" strategy workbook from revenue to audience to messaging to project plans 

    (These strategy sessions are a way to experience what I offer my long term clients but with a low cost opportunity to understand the value of the LMCTO Services team and experience.)

    Covid Special #2 ---> Implementers

    $1500 for all of the Action Taker items

    PLUS:  My team builds your next email opt-in funnel or *basic* website by May 15th

    (Seriously a steal but we have a fabulous system to remove the brain fog and get a quick focused solution for your business)

    ** open as long as it's the right thing to do for me and for you **
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