Let's Talk Strategy

Have some key questions you want to talk thru with someone who knows business and can quickly spot your opportunities and gaps?

This is my sweet spot in business after over 2 decades of business start up, design and growth, especially in the online space.

    In just a couple of focused power hours, you'll have clarity on your strategy and bust through those barriers.

    Strategic Facilitation

    $500 for TWO 1 hour sessions over a 14 day period
    Voxer access for those 14 days

    Access Lori's "one pager" strategy workbook from revenue to audience to messaging to project plans 

    (These strategy sessions are a way to experience what I offer my long term clients but with a low cost opportunity to understand the value of a Professional Services team and experience.)

    Strategy + Implementation

    $2000 to build your next email opt-in funnel.
    Includes TWO 1 hour sessions over a 14 day period plus Voxer access for those 14 days.

    (Seriously a steal but we have a fabulous system to remove the brain fog and get a quick focused solution for your business)

    ** open as long as it's the right thing to do for me and for you **
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